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Grassroots DICOM (GDCM)

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Grassroots DICOM (GDCM) is an implementation of the DICOM standard designed to be open source so that researchers may access clinical data directly. GDCM includes a file format definition and a network communications protocol, both of which should be extended to provide a full set of tools for a researcher or small medical imaging vendor to interface with an existing medical database.

GDCM is an open source implementation of the DICOM standard. It offers some compatibility with ACR-NEMA 1.0 & 2.0 files (raw files). It is written in C++ and offers wrapping to the following target languages (via the use of swig): Python, C#, Java and PHP.

It attempts to support all possible DICOM image encodings, namely:
RAW, JPEG lossy 8 & 12 bits (ITU-T T.81, ISO/IEC IS 10918-1), JPEG lossless 8-16 bits (ITU-T T.81, ISO/IEC IS 10918-1), JPEG 2000 reversible & irreversible (ITU-T T.800, ISO/IEC IS 15444-1), RLE, Deflated (compression at DICOM Dataset level), JPEG-LS (testing) (ITU-T T.87, ISO/IEC IS 14495-1), JPEG 2000 Multi-component reversible & irreversible (ISO/IEC IS 15444-2) (not supported for now), MPEG-2 (not supported for now).

GDCM is designed under the XP definition and has a nightly dashboard (CMake/CTest/Dart).

It is a fork of the original GDCM 1.X.

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