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GNUHealthCon 2019

Submitted by karopka on Sun, 2019/11/17 - 14:52
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Fri, 2019/12/13 to Sun, 2019/12/15
Quartier Hopital, Avenue de l'Hôpital, 11 4000 Liège

At this year's edition of GNUHealthCon, we'll be joining forces with our friends from the Orthanc community, to make an even stronger Libre Software community in the healthcare arena.
During the three-day conference, you’ll have the opportunity to attend different thematic sessions and free workshops, share experiences, learn about and discuss implementation cases and, of course, network with GNU Health community members from around the world!
Day 1 (Friday): XII International Workshop on eHealth in Emerging Economies (IWEEE). IWEEE is about Social Medicine and trying to improve the lives of the underpriviled, and the workshops will provide the opportunities for open discussions, networking, and sharing of experiences from different organizations around the World.
Day 2 (Saturday): GNU Health. In the conference's thematic talks, we’ll present and discuss, among other things, upcoming features, standards, security, mobile applications, and implementation cases. Afterwards, in the evening, we'll announce and honor the winners of the GNU Health Social Medicine awards.
Day 3 (Sunday): GNU Health Hack day. This event will be entirely devoted to technical sessions and discussions. Don’t forget to bring your laptop!
We would be honored to have you join us at GNU Solidario and are counting on your active participation to get the most out of the conference. Most importantly, we want you to have fun, feel at home, and enjoy being part of the GNU Health community!

Looking forward to meeting you in Liège!

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