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Mission Statement

Our Mission provides a comprehensive and structured overview of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects in the domains of medical informatics and health care delivery. It is an open information portal that aims to foster the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences about existing projects and the related ecosystem.

The Portal

Since its launch in February 2010 is intended to be an open content platform in which everyone is welcome and invited to participate. Submissions will be reviewed and might be moderated in order to keep the site clean from off-topic content and spam. In detail the following features and services are available at this site:

  • Explore medical FLOSS projects based on application type, supported enterprise function, supported language, license, supported standard and much more (see "Projects").
  • For each project the following information is listed (if available): description, license, supported platforms, client types, supported languages, supported standards, availability of official distro packages, availability of binary packages, some technical information (programming language, framework/toolkit, DBMS), homepage and further important links, professional service providers, publications, events and related projects.
  • Listing of upcoming medical FLOSS events like exhibitions, trade shows, working group meetings, etc. that can be associated with specific projects and/or professional service providers (see "Bazaar").
  • Listing of companies/institutions that are offering professional services for specific projects (see "Bazaar"), categorized by serviced country/region.
  • Comprehensive bibliography of publications about medical FLOSS that is related to specific projects (see "Bazaar").
  • Project specific commenting and discussion (moderated).
  • Possibility to rate projects, professional service providers and events.
  • Currently about 384 projects are listed and growing ...

We greatly appreciated your support and contribution by submitting new entries, improving existing ones or just by participating in the discussions.

Major updates of this overview or related news will be announced on under category Free Software (RSS).

Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS)

Our understanding of Free and Open Source Software is like defined by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) in "The Free Software Definition" and the Open Source Initiative (OSI) in "The Open Source Definition". To the best of our knowledge only projects that are conform to these definitions are included. In other words: Typical Free-/Shareware with symptomatically closed sources is not welcome here and will be discarded.


As this is mainly an open-content collaborative platform we cannot provide any guarantee of the validity, appropriateness, correctness or up-to-dateness of the here given information. In case of inappropriate content, broken links, incorrect information or improvement suggestion(s) we would greatly appreciate it if you could add / correct / improve it by yourself, leave a comment or send us a message. For more information please refer to About | Imprint.

Limitations is not meant/intended to be ...

  • A place for FLOSS projects in the domains of bioinformatics and molecular biology. There are probably much better places out there and this one tries to focus on the domains of medical informatics and health care.
  • A source code repository or development platform
    • Others can do better, like e.g. or
    • But links to them.
  • A forum for specific support or development issues
    • The dedicated discussion forum(s) and mailing list(s) of the actual project are intended for that.
    • But links to them.
  • A place for proprietary software or Free-/Shareware with symptomatically closed sources.