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Ogles2 is an interactive slice and volume visualization and analysis tool based on Open Inventor / Coin3D. Ogles2 allows for reproducing the workflow of frame based stereotactic neurosurgery. In the long run it strives for being an open source stereotactic planning and analysis system. Ogles2 is NOT APPROVED FOR CLINICAL USE.

Ogles2 main focus is to combine slice derived volume data with surface meshes in the context of stereotactic neurosurgery. Recent development was driven by the attempt to transform 3D brain atlas data to individual brain configurations and to estimate the effects of electrical fields of deep brain stimulation (DBS) electrodes. Ogles2 is in the beta phase.


  • Import of Nifti, Analyze, and *.vol (Barthold Lichtenbelt, 1998) data files
  • Spatial information from Nifti files considered
  • Import of Open Inventor (.iv) and VRML (.wrl) files
  • Volume rendering
  • Transformation of 3D surface models (9 degrees of freedom)
  • Setting of a III. ventricle (anterior, posterior commissure, and point in midplane / AC-PC-MPP) based coordinate system
  • Semiautomatic rod detection in ZD and RM localizers
  • Definition of trajectories
  • Simulation of DBS electrode (Medtronic 3389) and electrical fields
  • Visualization and quantification of electrical field and geometry model intersections
  • Limited co-registration of volume files
  • Isosurface calculation
  • Transformation of geometry to AC-PC system