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OPENeP is a comprehensive electronic prescribing and medication management system, constantly improved in collaboration with pharmacists, doctors, and nurses. The system is designed as a stand-alone solution, with easy integration options to connect to the existing EHR system, and medication related decision support systems.

Medication Reconcilliation
Inpatient and Outpatient Prescribing
Pharmacist Review
Medication Administration
Comprehensive Discharge

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OPENeP is provided under a AGPLv3 licence and all terms of that licence apply (AGPLv3). Use of OPENeP or the code is entirely at your own risk. Neither the Apperta Foundation nor Better Care accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any person, property or reputation as a result of using the software or code. No warranty is provided by any party, implied or otherwise. This software and code is not guaranteed safe to use in a clinical or other environment and you should make your own assessment on the suitability for such use. Installation of OPENeP, indicates acceptance of this disclaimer.

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