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tranSMART is a knowledge management platform that enables scientists to develop and refine research hypotheses by investigating correlations between genetic and phenotypic data, and assessing their analytical results in the context of published literature and other work.

The integration, normalization, and alignment of data in tranSMART permits users to explore data very efficiently to formulate new research strategies. Some of tranSMART's specific applications include:

- Revalidating previous hypotheses
- Testing and refining novel hypotheses
- Conducting cross-study meta-analysis
- Searching across multiple data sources to find associations of concepts, such as a gene's involvement in biological processes or experimental results
- Comparing biological processes and pathways among multiple data sets from related diseases or even across multiple therapeutic areas

A growing number of biopharmaceutical companies, academic medical centers, and other research-oriented organizations are joining the tranSMART community, affirming the 2010 Bio-IT World Best Practices and CIO 100 awards granted for the platform's innovation and potential to advance translational research.

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