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13th Libre Software Meeting / 13es Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre

Submitted by holger on Tue, 2012/02/28 - 00:13
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Sat, 2012/07/07 to Thu, 2012/07/12
Geneva, Switzerland

The 13th Libre Software Meeting will be taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, between 7th and 12th July 2012. LSM is a non-commercial cycle of conferences, round tables and practical
workshops around the Libre Software and its users. The objective is to provide a place where users, developers and actors of the Libre Software can exchange. Attendance is free and open to everybody. Various issues will be tackled. This year, the health issue will be organized around 3
major axes (not restricted to):

Thanks to the health issue, the LSM committee aims at disseminating and improving the Libre projects in that domain. For a better targeting of the various exchanges that will be taking place, the program me committee of the health issue proposes several kinds of meetings:

  • "Solution" meetings, with conferences or round tables to present
    solutions dedicated to previous axes.
  • "State of the art" conferences between practitioners, developers and scientists to discuss about what exists according to the specific needs of users, what works well or a little less well, to talk about approaches...
  • "Technical" presentations between developers and scientists. This will allow to initiate exchanges between communities which do not necessarily have the opportunity to meet and will maybe lead to new collaborations or projects.

Finally, a workshop area will be available in order to try out and exchange around tools presented by their creators or by seasoned users of those solutions.

Last year, in health/accessibility topic, we received (for example) the following projects : OsiriX, FreeMedForms, GDCM, Chewing Word, ITK, VTK, WEASIS, FW4SPL ... All conferences in health issue are available on:

But, you was able to see speechs in other issues like "System Administration" (like Nagios, GLPI, Cfengine, ...), "Development" (like NoSQL, Lucene, GCC, ...), "Law" (like OpenData, FSF, ...), "Internet" (WebGL, Jabber, Typo3, ...), ...

All conferences are available on:

LSM/RMLL at a glance : 4 conference days, 2 public days, more 15 topics, more than 300 speakers, more than 40 nationalities, 5500 visitors during 5 days, ...


  • Abstract submission cut off: March 31, 2012
  • Meeting: July 7-12, 2012

The call for papers is available here:

And you can answer on:
(Note, you can submit in *english*, *deutsch* or *french*)

Best regards,
Programm Commitee of the LSM 2012 health/accessibility topic

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