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Webinar: Healthcare Pioneer Elekta Switches to New Web CMS, Sets Stage for Marketing and Enterprise Growth

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2012/01/11 - 11:03
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Tue, 2012/01/24
Online Event

Elekta is a global human care company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders. Elekta solutions in oncology and neurosurgery are used in over 5,000 hospitals globally, and every day more than 100,000 patients receive diagnosis, treatment or follow-up with the help of a solution from the Elekta Group.

Elekta chose Magnolia CMS to power its Website, replacing its previous proprietary and Gartner Magic Quadrant Web CMS. On Jan 24 2012, Elekta and Magnolia will present a webinar explaining how Elekta evaluated different Web CMS solutions, how it matched Web CMS features to actual content requirements, and how it uses Magnolia CMS to support its enterprise growth and marketing strategy.

The Webinar will be presented by Andrew Rodgers, Manager of Global Web and Multimedia at Elekta, together with Webmasters Tobias Muller and Chris Owen, and will be moderated by Greg Gillespie, Editor-in-Chief at Health Data Management Magazine. This Webinar will be extremely useful for Website owners and content managers who are considering, or are in the process of evaluating new Web CMS.

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