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IFIP Working Group 2.13 Open Source Software

Submitted by holger on Thu, 2011/12/08 - 09:45
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To enable a diverse community of researchers and practitioners to rigorously investigate the technology, work practices, development processes, community dynamics within free, libre and open source software (OSS) systems, complementing appropriately other IFIP Working Groups where OSS is increasingly relevant.

  • Software engineering perspective
    • OSS architecture, configuration and release management, environments
    • Testing and assuring OSS quality and security
    • Mining and analyzing OSS project repositories
    • Lessons from OSS for conventional development
    • OSS and standards
  • Studies of OSS deployment
    • Case studies of OSS deployment, migration models, success and failure
    • Role of OSS in the public sector (government, education, health etc) and 'secondary' software sector (automotive, telco, medical devices etc)
    • OSS-compatible IT governance architectures
    • Open sourcing — offshore sourcing of development
    • OSS applications catalog (functionality, platforms, support providers, training needs)
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