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O3-DPACS is a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) extended to all types of data and signals that can be managed through DICOM protocol. It is the latest evolution of the DPACS system, born in 1996 thanks to the Group of Bioengineering and Information Technology of Professor Paolo Inchingolo. The goal of this system, inserted into a larger project from the same name, was to create a basis for developing an Open Source, scalable, low cost and universal system to save, manage and provide all the health’s information of every European citizen, thus offering an EHR of European level.
In 2004, the DPACS project was completely re-projected and DPACS 2004 was born. This new system aimed to apply the huge know-how acquired in several years of DPACS project to the new technologies and frontiers of the medicine. The following year DPACS 2004 has been included in the O3 Consortium project.

O3-DPACS is designed to be very modular, in order to enable or disable functionalities where they are required. This feature is essential to easily adapt the system to changing needs. The core is made of the modules that handle basic services necessary to manage DICOM objects. Through these modules it’s possible to save, query and retrieve data.

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