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III. International Workshop on e-Health in Emerging Economies

Submitted by holger on Tue, 2011/02/15 - 13:08
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Wed, 2011/04/06 to Fri, 2011/04/08

[taken from the official Web site that is available here (link)]

The International Workshop on e-Health in Emerging Economies - IWEEE - is a biannual congress held in Canary Islands, Spain and in Brazil.
Because of their geographical locations, Canary Islands links Africa, Europe and the Americas, while Brazil concentrates on the Latin America reality.

This year we have been kindly invited by Medetel to host the 3rd IWEEE workshop in Luxembourg. We are honoured and grateful to Medetel for the invitation, and there will be a special edition in Luxembourg.

The slogan for this event is "Momentum", representing the rate of countries and organizations that are embracing free software to cover the educational and health needs of the population.

IWEEE is a success. As an example, Paraguay has started the migration to free software their health regional regions ( Project Ñamo Pyahu ) after attending to the second IWEEE workshop. This is our goal and represents the mission of GNU Solidario : Providing Health and Education to the ones who need it most. Some of the issues to bring up front are :

  • Free software in the health sector
  • Current efforts and role of government on e-Health
  • e-Health on rural areas
    • IWEEE is not a pure technical conference. It will focus on the human factor and in raising awareness about the actual situation. We will discuss the tools that we can provide today to doctors and institutions to improve their habitants health and education.

      The workshop promotes Free Software as one of the main pillars for a sustainable framework for providing e-health and education for the developing and least developed countries.

      There will not be parallel conferences. All delegates will be able to assist and participate in the workshops that they find of interest. Communication among delegates is key.

      IWEEE is a non-profit event organized by the GNU SOLIDARIO association

      I hope you find this event as motivating and inspiring as I do and I'm looking forward to seeing you in Luxembourg.

      Luis Falcón
      GNU Solidario

      [taken from the official Web site that is available here (link)]

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