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ATNA is an IHE security profile representing Audit Trail and Node Authentication. OpenATNA is an implementation of an Audit Record Repository supporting RFC 3881 audit messages over BSD Syslog as well as RFC 5424-5426 (UDP and TLS).

OpenATNA Features:

  • Optimizes the database so that entities such as active participants, audit sources, participant objects and codes are not duplicated for every message received.
  • Performs validation of messages as they arrive.
  • Optionally logs errors as well as audit messages.
  • Supports TLS and UDP.
  • Supports Java NIO for demanding environments with many concurrent clients.
  • Supports multiple databases (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, Derby have been tested).
  • Can archive to file and reload messages in a database neutral way, simplifying management of long term audit trails.
  • Extensible API that allows you to insert your own business logic into the message processing chain.
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