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Making available Clinical Decision Support in Service-Oriented Architectures

Submitted by holger on Wed, 2010/09/08 - 14:55
TitleMaking available Clinical Decision Support in Service-Oriented Architectures
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsJahnke-Weber, JH, Price, M, McCallum, G
JournalJournal on Information Technology in Healthcare
Start Page42

Computer-based clinical decision support (CDS) has great potential for cost savings and for increasing patient safety and quality of care. The cost of owning and particularly maintaining CDS systems is significant. Therefore, it makes good economic sense to share a CDS service installation among a larger set of client systems. The emerging paradigm of serviceoriented architectures (SOAs) embraces the idea of sharing and interaction between loosely coupled, co-operative services. Canada has based its planned architecture for realizing the electronic medical record (EMR) on the SOA paradigm. While CDS components are currently not in the set of services to be constructed for Canada’s health information infrastructure, they seems to be growing interest in adding them in the future, after the more essential services have been implemented. In this paper, we discuss the status of clinical decision support systems today and some challenges of making them available in SOA-based infrastructures. We report on design choices and solutions we have selected during the construction of the EGADSS (Electronic Guideline and Decision Support System) component. Our design decisions are based on domainspecific challenges such as knowledge, data and workflow interoperability as well as on technical considerations about construction high quality services for SOA-based infrastructures. EGADSS has been released under open-source license and is freely available.

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