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GastrOS is an endoscopic reporting software based on open standards: openEHR and MST. Built upon stable reference model & driven in runtime by Archetypes. It is part of our research at the University of Auckland to study maintainability & interoperability.

Features are:

  • Uses openEHR Archetypes and Templates
  • Based on the international standard terminology - MST
  • Dynamic GUI creation and data binding
  • Can create endoscopy reports
  • Can be extended by modifying the model - no coding


Hi guys, thanks for putting up our project here.
Yes the most recent version of the Project is at Codeplex - I personally prefer SourceForge but had to move there due to a third party dependency (the OpenEhrV1 library) which is hosted there and we had to work on that project simultaneously as we developed GastrOS. So we wanted all in one place.
Yes it is an application we developed using a University grant but by and large this is a reference implementation of a clinical information system using openEHR specifications on Windows .Net platform so I envisage it will be invaluable as a project for other implementers. While it is perfectly able to generate decent endoscopy reports (and with minimal or no coding that can be modified) I don't think practically it is usable in modern secure clinical environments as is. But as a FLOSS project someone can always extend it - I think it'd be an excellent based for further development.
Although intensive development is over we intend to keep it alive and if an opportunity (academic funding or commercial) we will certainly take it further.
Hope this is useful and please let me know if I can be of any help for your community.

P.S. I've got a mature and clinically used anatomical pathology app on: you might be interested to give a reference. It's been used since 1996