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CCR Validator

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his is a simple J2EE Servlet implementation of the CCR Validator. This
Validator utilizes a RETE based rules engine (JBoss Drools) to implement
the validation testing. This allows for the rules to be updated independently
and more importantly supports the implementation of rule packages for
different profiles.

The validation rules are stored in "org/astm/ccr/rules." The subfolder "core"
contains the rules to explode the CCR and assert all the components into
working memory. The subfolder "v1" contains the validation rules for ASTM
E2869-05 Continuity of Care Record Implementation Guide. The subfolder
"meaningfuluse" contains the validation rules for the use of the CCR
within the Federal Regulations for Meaningful Use.

You can add other subfolders to "org/astm/ccr/rules," if you wish to add
your own validation rules. If you do not want the meaningful use rules
to be used, you can unzip the .WAR file and remove the org/astm/ccr/rules/meaningfuluse


The ASTM E2369-05 CCR XSD is copyrighted to ASTM. You will need to add
your own copy to org.openhealthdata.validation in order to be able to execute the validation.