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Open source approaches to health information systems in Kenya.

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TitleOpen source approaches to health information systems in Kenya.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsDrury, P, Dahlman, B
JournalWorld hospitals and health services : the official journal of the International Hospital Federation
Date Published2005

This paper focuses on the experience to date of an installation of a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) product, Care2X, at a church hospital in Kenya. The FOSS movement has been maturing rapidly. In developed countries, its benefits relative to proprietary software have been extensively discussed and ways of quantifying the total costs of the development have been developed. Nevertheless, empirical data on the impact of FOSS, particularly in the developing world, concerning its use and development is still quite limited, although the possibilities of FOSS are becoming increasingly attractive.

Alternate JournalWorld Hosp Health Serv
PubMed ID16300164
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