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Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS)

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The Community Health Information Tracking System or CHITS ( is an extensible, modular, open source information system for rural health units (initially for the Philippines). It collects existing routine health data from vertical programs in the Field Health Service Information System (FHSIS) and integrates them into a unified, comprehensive computerized information system. Through CHITS, community-based health information is made available not only to public health agencies requiring community level information but also to the community itself which generates the information. It enables the community to use this information for local decision-making and health planning. In addition to software, CHITS also includes structured capability-building programs designed to improve the health information systems within local health centers, regardless of the level of automation. CHITS began in Pasay City and is now in 18 health facilities (July 2008) around the country with requests for installation from many more.


Good to see someone making this connection. It is very difficult to really fathom implementing some of these software systems that cost hundreds of millions for our little community health organization. Thank you for this project and please keep up the great work!

CHITS has come at an opportune time--when computers (even handheld devices and tablets--platforms where it can also be used) have become cheaper and more accessible to all people; and when mobile networks are almost everywhere. Perhaps, one day, the training of nurses in the use of CHITS will be incorporated into the existing Nursing Informatics curriculum. Keep up the good work, and continue to make the work of health professionals in the field, especially Community Health Workers, easier.