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Good software... good business.

It is clear that a business that operates with good software is functional, smart and proactive towards their clients. At OpusVL, we have been supplying software that is fit-for-purpose and delivers high-performance at a low-cost since inception.
Our departments
In order to offer a comprehensive service to our customers, OpusVL has in-house teams that offer software development, infrastructure, support, implementation and project management services. We also have our own ISP services, which have been in operation since 1995.
On request, we can manage procurement for our clients, utilising our knowledge, expertise and contacts to provide the best possible service and value.

Technical capability

Our dedicated teams work on specifying, developing, implementing and deploying systems on a daily basis. Truly passionate about technology, many of our technical team members dedicate their leisure time to creating Open Source software and developing amateur projects supporting worthy causes.

At the heart of every customer expectation is communication. By including you in critical decisions and keeping you informed every step of the way, we can manage your expectations and ensure that there are no hidden surprises along the way.
Value for money

OpusVL has established a reputation for operating an efficient business with low overheads. All shareholders and management team members work within the business; not only does this ensure exceptional service and expertise, but also provides our customers with value and the comfort of knowing that all parties are 100% invested in the success of our projects.

By leveraging the power of Open Source and our own existing libraries – which have been developed over the course of 20 years – we are able to rapidly develop solutions with integrated best practice, creating a highly cost-effective delivery process.

Behind our transparent way of thinking is a model of transparent costings on our projects. Utilising specialist in-house monitoring tools, OpusVL will only charge clients for the actual time our team spend on your project. With no licensing fees and no hidden costs, our transparent reporting on Time and Material-based projects document full details of where your budget is being spent to the nearest 15 minutes, and is available to view on request.

Software investments can be complicated; when it comes to the majority of proprietary solutions, it can be difficult to work out if you own what you have developed, or are able to run it without expensive, license-bound systems.

OpusVL will review your ownership requirements at the start of any project, ensuring that we meet your requirements by providing a practical ownership solution.
No lock-in

With no restrictive lock-in , we secure repeat business by being transparent and effective, supported by our overall ethos of strong, honest communication. All of our development is undertaken in the UK by our own in-house team of experts.

If, in the past, you have found that your requirements cannot be met, or you can only find software packages that only address a portion of your needs, OpusVL can always find a solution. Our broad skill and experience base, plus our creativity and ongoing commitment to innovation, ensures that we can effectively address almost any software requirement.

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Stuart J. Mackintosh
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+44 1788 298 450
OpusVL, Drury House, Drury Lane, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 3DE United Kingdom
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