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Data for decision making: using a dashboard to strengthen routine immunisation in Nigeria.

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TitleData for decision making: using a dashboard to strengthen routine immunisation in Nigeria.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsEtamesor, S, Ottih, C, Salihu, INdalami, Okpani, AIkedichi
JournalBMJ Glob Health
Date Published2018

Availability of reliable data has for a long time been a challenge for health programmes in Nigeria. Routine immunisation (RI) data have always been characterised by conflicting coverage figures for the same vaccine across different routine data reporting platforms. Following the adoption of District Health Information System version 2 (DHIS2) as a national electronic data management platform, the DHIS2 RI Dashboard Project was initiated to address the absence of some RI-specific indicators on DHIS2. The project was also intended to improve visibility and monitoring of RI indicators as well as strengthen the broader national health management information system by promoting the use of routine data for decision making at all governance levels. This paper documents the process, challenges and lessons learnt in implementing the project in Nigeria. A multistakeholder technical working group developed an implementation framework with clear preimplementation; implementation and postimplementation activities. Beginning with a pilot in Kano state in 2014, the project has been scaled up countrywide. Nearly 34 000 health workers at all administrative levels were trained on RI data tools and DHIS2 use. The project contributed to the improvement in completeness of reports on DHIS2 from 53 % in first quarter 2014 to 81 % in second quarter 2017. The project faced challenges relating to primary healthcare governance structures at the subnational level, infrastructure and human resource capacity. Our experience highlights the need for early and sustained advocacy to stakeholders in a decentralised health system to promote ownership and sustainability of a centrally coordinated systems strengthening initiative.

Alternate JournalBMJ Glob Health
PubMed ID30294456
PubMed Central IDPMC6169671
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