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HospitalRun is an offline-first Ember application.
For the Developing World

HospitalRun is built to provide the most modern hospital information system possible to the least resourced environments.
Offline Enabled: HospitalRun is designed to allow records to be carried to remote clinics. It works when there is no Internet, and syncs when there is.
Intuitive: HospitalRun is focused on great user experiences for clinicians, admins, and even contributors.
Saving Time: HospitalRun features are optimized for the one resource we can't make more of: people's time.
Open Source: The project encourages microindustry around the deployment of the system, but the code is free and open source and always will be.
A Platform for Partnering
We want the project to bring people from the NGO, government, and technology sectors together to solve a world-changing problem.