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ResearchStack is an SDK and UX framework for building research study apps on Android.

It is designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of most scientific research, including capturing participant consent, extensible input tasks, and the security and privacy needs necessary for IRB approval.

Is it similar to Apple's ResearchKit(TM)?

Yes, an overarching goal of ResearchStack is to help developers and researchers with existing apps on iOS more easily adapt those apps for Android.

Though the correspondence of features between the two SDKs isn’t one-to-one, the two SDKs will offer enough shared functionality and a common framework and naming scheme to greatly speed up adaptation of ResearchKit apps to Android (and ResearchStack apps to iOS) and the procedural aspects of running a study on a new platform (such as IRB approval and secure connectivity with a data collection backend).

What features are available?

Researchers and developers can leverage ResearchStack to build a basic Android app without having extensive knowledge of the Android platform. Using JSON and HTML files, a simple app can be built that will include the onboarding flow (Study Overview/Consent/Sign Up) and an Activities screen with scheduled tasks for the user. Researchers will also be able to reuse existing ResearchKit AppCore resources, with some minor changes.

Included graphing libraries facilitate data visualization. ResearchStack also has tools to allow easy on-disk encryption and strives to be extensible so that researchers can implement or modify screens they need.

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