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Med-e-Tel 2016

Submitted by holger on Mon, 2016/01/18 - 22:09
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Wed, 2016/04/06 to Fri, 2016/04/08
LUXEXPO S.A., 10 circuit de la Foire Internationale, L-1347 Luxembourg

Call for Participation in the "Open Source Village" @ Med-e-Tel 2016 (6-8 April 2016)

This is an invitation to demonstrate your Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) project or organization within a dedicated village at the Med-e-Tel 2016 conference. Either join us in Luxembourg to represent your project/organization in person or otherwise you are welcome to send in an overview in the form of a poster that will be shown at the FLOSS village.

The dissemination of knowledge and experience in the area of Open Source and Free Software has a long tradition at Med-e-Tel and has become an integral part of this International eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum that is taking place annually in Luxembourg.

Advocates and adherers of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) in the field of medical informatics have been participating in the conference since its start in 2002. In 2010 for the first time at a scientific/academic health ICT conference a dedicated conference track to this topical area was offered. The idea was to pool all related submissions, facilitate collaboration between its authors and offer an open forum for any interested participants. The so called "Benefits of Free/Libre Open Source Software in Health Care (FLOSS-HC)" track was well received by its participants and is since then an integral part of the Med-e-Tel conference, organized in cooperation with the Collaborative Care Team Open Source Working Group (CCTOS-WG) of the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH), the European Federation for Medical Informatics Free/Libre Open Source Working Group (EFMI LIFOSS WG), and the International Medical Informatics Association Open Source Working Group (IMIA OS WG).

Some of the past keynote speakers at Med-e-Tel have also been recruited from the worldwide FLOSS community like Joseph Dal Molin of WorldVista and Luis Falcon of GNU Health. In the scope of the FLOSS-HC track well-known projects have been presented like bika lims, DebianMed, iPath, OpenEMPI, (meanwhile merged into Joinup) and to name just a few.

This year, Med-e-Tel will again feature a FLOSS village right in the central expo area of the conference, in order to facilitate, advance and discuss the utilization of Open Source Software in health care. During the three days of the conference, related community projects, non-profit and commercial organizations are invited to present their projects, activities and services to the conference attendees that will gather there in between the various sessions, symposiums and workshops.

Participation Opportunities
Non-profit organizations and communities are invited to present their work in the form of information stands, banners/posters and/or flyers within the pavilion at no additional costs (apart from the regular registration fees). Participating organizations or community representatives should register here.

In case your organization or project cannot send a representative to Med-e-Tel, you are invited to send in a poster providing general information and key characteristics of your organization and/or project. The poster size should be DIN A0. Contact to arrange mailing/delivery of your poster. As the available space is limited only the best 5 posters will be shown at the pavilion. The nomination will be based on scope and quality of the poster, exclusion criteria are commercial interest and non-conformity of the underlying software license to the definition of Open Source and Free Software. Non-nominated posters will still be presented electronically at the pavilion. Members of the co-organizers (CCTOS-WG, EFMI LIFOSS WG, IMIA OS WG) will be present at the pavilion and will forward any specific questions or inquiries back to you.

Commercially oriented organizations and companies are also welcome and encouraged to present their FLOSS related projects and services in the village. For more information and registration, please refer here and clearly indicate that you want to join and/or support/sponsor the Open Source Village, or contact

Deadline for application of all types of participation within the FLOSS pavilion will be January 29, 2016.