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Open Health Care UK

Submitted by karopka on Fri, 2016/01/15 - 14:39
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Open Health Care make digital tools that help clinicians to deliver better care.

We believe that the tools clinicians use to do their job should be so good they couldn’t live without them.
We believe that the only way to deliver services that good, is to design them around the needs of the clinicians who use them.

We build and run digital services for clinicians who deliver direct care and researchers who collect data.
We work with clients in the NHS to help build a health system fit for the digital age.
We also provide digital consultancy services to institutions within the health sector.

We’re behind NHS Hack Day - regular events that have brought thousands of people together to help make the NHS better.

We created OPAL - an Open Source framework for building healthcare applications.

In fact we Open Source everything we build.

Open Health care are a limited company based in the UK.

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David Miller
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