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Kanteron Systems, S.L.

Submitted by holger on Sat, 2010/02/20 - 23:59
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+34 963312287
Dr. Romagosa 1-S, 46002 Valencia (Spain)


Thanks for your comment! This is not meant to be a hall of fame of companies that contributed code to the open source community. In the first place the project related listing of these companies here is meant to provide interested/potential users a starting point where they could go and seek for professional assistance in case they want to get the system up and running at their site.

So beside that Kanteron Systems makes profit with dcm4chee, Osirix, etc., they are specifically offering professional services for these projects and that's why you found them here.

If you know of other medical FLOSS related companies that are not yet listed here (and maybe are even contributing code), we would be more than happy if you like to add them here.

Hi Anonymous,
As founder of Kanteron Systems, I can assure you we do produce not only Open but Free/Libre software. Just ask our customers, who get a copy of the source code as required by the GPL. If you are familiar with the GPL you will know that this code is not required to be offered to anyone else but our customers.
Regarding our coding contributions, just ask the Osirix Foundation. The recent Osirix 3.8 has several inputs from us.
We are active in some other projects too.
Thank you for your interest in Kanteron Systems. Next time you have concerns about our activities, you can always contact us directly. There is a bigger chance your questions may be correctly answered.
Happy coding!

Yeah, sure. So, what is 'exactly' the Free/Libre software from Kanteron? It's not same to use Free/Libre Software and produce it but you sell the idea that Kanteron produces Free/Libre software. Now I see that Kanteron doesn't make software from the scratch, which is not a bad thing. By the way, I think a public answer is the best option for other customers.
Thanks and good luck!!!

We do have several recent projects we have developed 100% from scratch (HIS, RIS and LightViewer, all of them still in the works, but already installed in some hospitals, who seem to be quite happy with them). Not that there is anything wrong with improving someone else's project, but sometimes no project fits perfectly and you have to do it yourself.
Yet "our" projects are not "public". They are FREE (as in GPL freedom) so we give the code to our customers who can do all the things the GPL allows them to do. Company policy: we collaborate in some "community projects" and create others and keep them "private", BUT ALL of them FREE /LIBRE.
Nothing wrong with that, according to the FSF.
Good luck to you too, Anonymous ;-)