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.Net version of HAPI. Object oriented HL7 2.X parser. This was ported from the original HAPI by Bryan Tripp and University Health Network. HL7 parser/encoder written in Microsoft .Net C#. Can encode/decode both XML and Pi.


Hi All,

I'm an HL7 veteran implementation guy and C# newbie.

Has anyone successfully implemented NHapi in a dot net environment?

I'm having limited success and can't find any decent documentation on this class library.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am considering using NHAPI in some hl7 related project. Usually when i decide to use any open source library in any project i am having a criteria which is as "Is NHapi beneficial for it or not ".
If the answer is yes then it would be helpful for me in the project.
Thanks for the details and the features regarding NHapi software.