Clinic Management System (CMS)

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The CMS3.0 is an open-source clinic management system project jointly implemented by the Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA) and the Information and software Industry Association (ISIA), with the funding support from the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) under the Sector-specific Programme (SSP) for the Medical and Health Sector, and was developed by the Mobigator Technology Group.



i have failed to install cms3 on my mac OS X. any help? anyone? :(

its very simple dude..
try again...

would like to see the software

where can i find the CMS3 source code

Hello, you can find the source code at the download section of CMS's homepage. Please try this link as specified above in the files section:

what's the license of Clinic Management System (CMS)

according to the FAQ it is GPL v2, see

The source code of the program is not available. I understand FlOSS softwares provide the code also free. Where can I get it?

Will it support any health care standards?, if so what is that standard?

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